WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas – At a hearing on Wednesday, Greg Kelley was officially exonerated by a judge.

  • Court of Criminal Appeals overturned conviction
  • Kelley claims insufficient investigation by CPPD
  • Released on bond in 2017

Kelley’s conviction of sexual assault of a child was overturned earlier this month by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

At the hearing, Kelley thanked the district attorney and the judge for the time they took looking at his case.

“[Shawn Dick] is a man that operates under truth and justice,” Kelley said. “When you have that man running the justice system of a county, you’re gonna know that if you are innocent and you speak forward, your voice will get heard.”

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Kelley said moving forward he’s hoping to help others in similar situations to him, saying the criminal justice system is broken. He says he is also looking to pursue legal action against the officer that arrested him in 2013 as well as the Cedar Park chief of police.

"Ultimately I'd be scared to death to live in Cedar Park knowing that a detective can literally point you out, label you out and solely seek out an investigation no matter whether there's another assailant or not," he said. 

Now that he's out of prison, he plans to help spread the one thing that helped get him through it to other inmates: religion. He plans to pursue prison ministry to help the inmates who need it most. He also said he's still hoping to one day play football again and that he's been training with former NFL athletes to stay in shape.