Rochester City School District Superintendent Terry Dade continues to push for additional state funding to help close a budget deficit as district finances are addressed by the board of education.

Dade met with Assembly members David Gantt, Harry Bronson and Jamie Romeo for about 15 minutes Tuesday afternoon, ahead of the board meeting. The superintendent is lobbying the state to send an additional $20 million to help close a two-year budget shortfall of over $60 million.

Gantt has balked at the idea and said Tuesday that he "hasn't decided one way or the other" on a funding request. The assemblyman wants to see "changes" within the district before "continuing to dole out money" to the district.

Last week, layoff notices went out to 220 district employees, including about 150 teachers.

Dade says he's confident more state funding will come. It’s a matter of how much and when.

"[I’m] hoping that state funding is going to come in the spring or into the summer. It puts us in a tough situation of not being able to balance our budget and potentially payroll not being able to be met in the final few months of the year,” Dade said.

Every month that passes also increases the chances of more layoffs, according to Dade.

The state Board of Regents sent a letter to the Rochester board of education Monday reminding and encouraging board members to “faithfully execute, their fiscal responsibilities.” The regents letter goes on to say it's the board's responsibility to spend the money handed out by the state and to not incur expenses beyond those state funds.

The letter calls on board members to undergo fiscal management training by mid-February 2020.

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