WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas — Cedar Park Police Officer Christopher Dailey—the detective at the center of the 2014 investigation into Greg Kelley which resulted in Kelley's imprisonment—has resigned from the Cedar Park Police Department, effective immediately.

What You Need To Know

  • Chris Dailey resigns from Cedar Park Police Department

  • He was one of the detectives who was part of the initial Greg Kelley investigation

  • Dailey has been criticized by Kelley and his supporters for what they say is a flawed investigation

  • Kelley was accused of sexual assault of a child in 2013, but later exhonerated 

The City of Cedar Park also announced that it sent a letter and a criminal complaint to Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick seeking an investigation into Dailey’s alleged misconduct.

In a statement, the city said, "[We believe] the goal of the criminal justice system should be to seek truth and justice, and it expects the dedicated men and women of the Cedar Park Police Department, who serve and protect our citizens, to act with a high level of professionalism as they work to keep our community safe." 

Back in May, Kelley filed a lawsuit in federal court against Dailey, former Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix, and the City of Cedar Park, which seeks monetary damages for an "incompetent, bad faith and fundamentally flawed" investigation.

In the lawsuit, Kelley alleges that the three defendants "unlawfully investigated, arrested, and caused the detention and prosecution" of Kelley in their 2014 investigation into claims that Kelley sexually assaulted a young child. 

The lawsuit adds "the investigation, which is a generous word to describe the police work in this matter, was absurdly limited to ensure that the only person Detective Dailey suspected was convicted." 

It details the reasons why Dailey's investigation was flawed, including the fact that Dailey did not conduct an investigation into Kelley or his whereabouts during the period of the alleged assault of the child, as well as Dailey's failure to conduct any investigation into any of the other teenage males living at the house where the alleged assault occurred. 

During a 2017 hearing, Dailey admitted under questioning that he never followed up on Johnathan McCarty, who was also named by the victim during a forensic interview. 

Dailey also revealed that he did not visit the site where the abuse happened, which was a daycare center inside the McCarty home, nor did he identify or interview any of the other male adults at the home. He also admitted to deleting emails from a CPS investigator even though he knew it was against Cedar Park police policy. 

Dailey has maintained that he conducted a full, thorough investigation in the Kelley case.

Excerpts of the 2017 writ hearing can be seen on the newly-released documentary series 'Outcry' which premiered on Showtime July 5 and depicts Kelley's legal battle since being convicted of a crime he did not commit.

Since Kelley's exhoneration, he and his supporters have called for accountability from the City of Cedar Park as well as the police department, urging city leaders to fire both Dailey and Mannix. 

Mannix retired from the Cedar Park Police Department at the beginning of the year and is about to begin his new role as the newly appointed Chief of Police for the City of Burnet. 

Spectrum News reached out to Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick regarding the criminal complaint against Dailey, and are awaiting comment from him regarding the letter submitted by the City of Cedar Park.