The wife of the man standing trial for a double murder in Wayne County testified against him on Tuesday.

Charlene Childers is the wife of former Sunray, Texas, police chief Timothy Dean. He is accused of killing both Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn outside their Sodus home last October.

Childers confessed on the stand Tuesday that she and Dean planned to kill Niles, the father of her two young children.

 In October 2018, Childers took a trip to Sodus to spend time with her children. She told attorneys that after dropping them of to Niles, she felt "horrible, depressed, sad, and pissed.” She says when she returned home to Texas, she told Dean the murder needed to happen.



Childers, who was also charged as a result of the investigation, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter last month. A third suspect, Bron Bohlar, a police officer in Sunray who rented a car for Dean, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

According to Defense Attorney Joe Damelio, Childers wrote more than 40 letters to his client over the last few months. He says he belives Childers is only being truthful because it's in her favor.


"I think she said it all. The truth is the truth when it serves her and it’s something that the jury has to deal with in this case," Damelio said. "She’s told many different versions for many different reasons and most of them seem to be self-serving.”

The trial will resume Wednesday morning. 

3 Indicted, 2 Charged with Murder in Sodus Double Homicide
3 Indicted, 2 Charged with Murder in Sodus Double Homicide