All three suspects charged in connection with the October double murder in Sodus have been indicted by a Wayne County Grand Jury.

Former Sunray, Texas police chief Timothy Dean is charged with killing Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn. He was extradited to New York from Texas late Friday night.

Dean is one of three defendants charged in connection with the murders. The couple was gunned down last month at their Sodus home.

The grand jury is upholding the charges against Dean — one count of first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of conspiracy. During his arraignment on these indicted charges, Dean entered a not guilty plea.

His attorney wants to remind the public of his client’s presumed innocence when seeking a fair trial. 

"Certainly with the allegations in this case, it’s so important that the community not prejudge this case because the community — I mean prospective jurors down the line are members of this community — accept the facts of this case," said defense lawyer Joseph Damelio.

Dean was remanded back to jail with no bail.

The grand jury also handed up indictments on Dean’s wife. Charlene Childers was indicted on the charges against her, conspiracy and criminal possession of a weapon, but the grand jury also added another charge: second-degree murder.

Childers, the ex of victim Johsua Niles, entered a not guilty plea. She was also returned to jail without bail.

"It’s our belief and our allegation that Mr. Dean was the one that pulled the trigger, obviously. The conspiracy theory and the acting together allegations would give rise to the murder charge against Ms. Childers as well as to Mr. Niles, obviously," said Michael Calarco, Wayne County district attorney.

Legally, according to the assistant district attorney on the case, Dean's first-degree murder charge indictment alleges that he intended to cause the death of Joshua Niles, caused his death by shooting him, and during that same event he intended to cause serious injury or death to another person, Amanda Washburn, and did cause her death by shooting her.

Police believe Washburn's death may have been “collateral,” as the DA puts it.

A third suspect, Bron Bohlar, was arraigned Monday on the indicted charge of conspiracy. Bohlar is an officer from the same Sunray, Texas police department. At his arraignment he pleaded not guilty to the felony conspiracy charge. His bail remains the same at $150,000 cash, $300,000 bond.

Childers and Dean will are scheduled to return to court next on December 13.