In a surprise move, one of the three people charged in connection to last October's double homicide in Sodus has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the second degree. 

Authorities say Bron Bohlar conspired with Tim Dean and Charlene Childers to kill Childers' ex, Joshua Niles. Niles and Amber Washburn were gunned down outside their Sodus home. 

Bohlar was accused of having conversations about the killing with Dean and Childers as well as renting the vehicle under his name that Dean used to travel to New York. 

Bohlar's attorneys released a statement, saying in part:

"After thoughtful and deliberate reconsideration, Bron understands, in hindsight, renting a car for Tim Dean was a severe lapse in judgement."

His sentencing is scheduled for June 13. 

Dean and Childers are still awaiting trial. Dean faces first and second degree murder and Childers faces conspiracy and weapons possession.

Dean is the former police chief of Sunray, Texas where Bohlar was an officer within the department.