The woman charged in connection to a double murder in Sodus last fall accepted a plea deal on Tuesday in exchange for reduced charges.

Charlene Childers accepted a plea deal on charges of first-degree manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. As part of the plea deal, she agreed not to appeal.

Childers was originally charged with second-degree murder and conspiracy in the deadly shootings of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn in October. Niles and Washburn were killed in the driveway of their home while their young son was in the same vehicle. 

Childers was scheduled to stand trial alongside her husband, Timothy Dean, a former police chief in Sunray, Texas. Prosecutors say Dean was the triggerman in that attack. Childers allegedly plotted the killings by arranging for the rental of a car for Dean to travel from the Texas panhandle to Wayne County to commit the murders.

The prosecutor would not comment on whether Childers would testify against Dean, as he faces murder charges. He’s due to appear in court next week and his trial is scheduled for May 15.