CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The park with fun for the whole family also has food for the whole family! Along with the high-flying, side-winding, death-defying rides at Carowinds is the tasty, savory, flavory food.

“Anywhere you go now, people are foodies. They’re taking pictures of it, they’re writing about it, they’re eating it,” Carowinds executive chef Krzysztof Siuta said. “Food is a huge attraction to come to a park.”

Try new, on-the-go menu items like the Shrimp Po Boy, or sit down to eat in the new addition to Blue Ridge Country Kitchen. Just be sure to let your food settle before riding Carowinds newest roller coaster, Copperhead Strike

For desert, stop by the Carolina Candy Shop, which has fresh-baked fudge with flavors themed to specific park rides.

“Pace yourself we have a lot of great food,” Siuta said. “Come back multiple times. You don’t have to try it all in one day.”