Tying it Together with Tim Boyum


With the speed of the local news cycle, it's easy to forget that the politicians who represent us and the influencers in our communities are more than just soundbites. Veteran North Carolina reporter and anchor Tim Boyum is loosening his signature bow tie for candid conversations with power players from across the state. In "Tying It Together," Tim uncovers what makes these newsmakers tick, explores some of their most fascinating life stories, and helps all of us get a better grasp on the issues affecting our community.


Errol Louis - NY1 reporter

Tim Boyum
"Capital Tonight" host for Spectrum News

Tim Boyum may have grown up in Minnesota, but he has always been a UNC basketball fan at heart. Spending most of his childhood and teen years sporting a Tar Heels hat, it’s no shock that Tim agreed to move to North Carolina before ever stepping foot in the state. Seventeen years later, he can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

Since moving here, Tim has focused on delivering a fair and objective look at North Carolina's politics and the many ways in which these stories affect our daily lives. During Tim’s impressive tenure as a reporter, the 2016 election cycle emerged as a standout moment. After hours of live coverage from the floors of both the Democratic and Republican National Convention, Tim was recognized as one of the top capitol reporters in the country.





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