Former Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio says she is running for city council.

She confirmed the news in a Facebook live video on Monday when thanking supporters.

Rumors surrounding Astacio's run for office started last week when she requested a list of all Democrats registered in the city from the Board of Elections. While there, she reportedly told workers she was considering a run for her old seat as city court judge or the northwest city council position. 

While Astacio prepares her campaign plans, she'll also be preparing for her criminal trial, scheduled for April 1, where she'll face a felony weapon charge.

She has been in and out of court and local headlines since her initial DWI conviction in 2016, and is facing attempted criminal purchase or disposal of a weapon charges. Astacio is accused of attempting to purchase a shotgun from a Henrietta sporting goods store while on probation.

The New York State Court of Appeals granted a change in venue in January, moving her criminal case to Syracuse.

Astacio was formally removed from the bench in October after the Court of Appeals upheld the Judicial Conduct Commission's recommendation to remove her.

New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct Administrator Robert Tembekjian confirmed Astacio is not eligible to hold judicial office again, but she can run for another position. 

“A judge who is removed from office can never be a judge again. There is no bar however to a removed judge ever running for other public office," said Tembekjian. "If a judge is removed from office for misconduct, that judge or former judge may run for city council, state senate, state assembly, mayor or any other non-judicial office."

Tembekjian says the constitution is subject to legal challenge, but in the 40 years the commission has been in existence, a removed judge has never tried to return to judicial office. 

Astacio's sister, Felicia, also intends to run for Rochester City Council in the east district.