The Oswego County Board of Election commissioners have confirmed a mix-up between ballot machines at polling stations in Constantia and Cleveland. 

According to the commissioners, the error occured during the delivery process. The elections commissioners say that the voting machines for Constantia and Cleveland accidentally got swapped when there was no one at the Constantia location to receive the machine when it arrived.

The mistake was discovered around 5:15 a.m. this morning. Officials say it took about 45 minutes to swap the machines back to their proper polling locations. 

Not too long after voting started, voters were offered emergency ballots until the machines were up and running. At this time it is unclear how many voters have been affected.  

Later on, two locations in Lysander ran out of ballots. The board of elections confirmed people in line were instructed to come back later. One location was the Baldwinsville Library. The second confirmed location to run out was the Lysander Town Office.

The BOE said that both locations have since been restocked and should not run out again.

It is important to keep your voting rights in mind on Election Day. If you have experienced a mishap at the polls, visit this link.