From before Thanksgiving to after Easter, winter weather can occur in all 50 states. In fact, every one of the United States had a Winter Weather Advisory issued at some point during the winter of 2017-2018.

What You Need To Know

  • Winter weather is often accompanied with some form of a weather alert

  • Winter Storm Watches are issued before the event but don't indicate severity of the storm

  • Advisories and warnings are issued when winter weather is imminent

‚ÄčThis winter, it's important that you know what those alerts mean when they're shared with you by your local Spectrum News weather team. Here's what you need to know!

A Winter Storm Watch is issued before most incidents with winter weather and typically when the amount of snow or ice in the forecast is still uncertain.

This alert doesn't tell us anything about how much snow or ice may fall, but is there to alert us that winter weather is possible soon.

A Winter Weather Advisory is issued after the amount of snow and ice in the forecast has become more clear and the expected impacts are minimal.

Typically, these will be issued when snow and/or sleet and ice accumulations leading to an inconvenience to society and commerce are imminent or occurring.

A Winter Storm Warning is designed to get your attention for good reason. This alert tells you that heavy snow and/or sleet and ice accumulations are imminent or occurring and society and commerce are expected to be greatly impacted.

Stay tuned to Spectrum News and on the Spectrum News app for your latest forecast and information on any winter weather in your forecast!