Tom Meiners is a meteorologist at Spectrum News 1 North Carolina. He’s worked at Spectrum News since 2012 and says that each year in this business has been better than the last.

Tom grew up on Long Island in Glen Head, New York and first moved to Raleigh in 2007 to study meteorology at North Carolina State University. While earning his degree, he fell in love with broadcasting through multiple internships and classes, including a semester at Spectrum News 1 North Carolina when it was known as News 14 Carolina.

It was during a 2011 tornado outbreak in North Carolina when Tom’s perspective on the role of meteorologists was forever changed. On that tragic April day, meteorologists in Raleigh shared life-saving information with audiences, and he gained a stronger appreciation for the important role that weathercasters play in their communities. Since then, he’s honed his skills as a meteorologist by captivating viewers with engaging stories and conversations about our weather each day.

Before joining Spectrum News 1 North Carolina in 2020, Tom worked as a chief meteorologist at WBBJ-TV in Jackson, Tennessee. In addition to reporting on the weather, he also works as an educator. Before the pandemic, he would spend roughly 100 hours per year volunteering his time to speak to students ranging from preschool to college about meteorology and severe weather safety.

In addition to working on television, Tom is also passionate about science and technology. He is FAA Certified with a Part 107 Remote Pilot License and has enjoyed taking his drone pilot skills around the country and world.

Tom and his wife Evan have two children, a girl and a boy. If you’d like Tom to attend your class in person or virtually, send him an email at and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.