Online classes are canceled and campus Wi-Fi is down, along with other online services, after a cyberattack at North Carolina Central University, the school said in a statement. 

The university said it does not think any personal data was stolen, but school officials continue to investigate. 

The school took down the online services "to contain the intrusion," including anything that students and staff used their university login to access, the university said.

Officials said NCCU is working with the UNC System Office, state investigators, the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service to respond to the attack. 

Universities have become popular targets for hackers. Earlier this year, Gaston College in Dallas, North Carolina, had to take its systems offline after an attack. 

Last year, a ransomware attack at North Carolina A&T over spring break took the university's computer systems down for weeks. Guilford College was also attacked with ransomware last year.

A ransomware attack is where a hacker group, typically a criminal group operating overseas, gets access to a computer system and then encrypts it, demanding the victim pay a ransom to get its systems or data back.

N.C. Central did not say if the attack on the university's system involved ransomware.