Two people were hit and killed by a CATS Lynx train in Charlotte early Tuesday morning. Police say the pair was there mourning Baltazar Tiquiram Us, who was killed by a light rail train at the same spot a week before and their brother.  

Pablo Tiquiram Us, 29, and Chilambalam Tiquiram Us, 20, were walking south down the tracks at 5:10 a.m. Tuesday when they were hit and killed by the train, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

"Two brothers were mourning the loss of another brother who had been struck by another train," Sgt. Adam Jones said during a news conference Wednesday morning.

He said the two were seen on video standing on the track before the crash. The gate arms and other safety devices at the crossing appeared to be working, Jones said.  

"As the train was approaching, they appeared to look at it before they were struck," he said.

Police said they believe the two had been drinking and said, "Alcohol impairment is suspected as a contributing factor for the pedestrians."

Baltazar Tiquiram Us was driving across the tracks on East Hebron Street July 26 when a light rail train hit his car just before 10 p.m. He was killed, and a passenger was seriously injured, police said.