RALEIGH N.C. -- A group in North Carolina says they're fighting to allow everyone into the state fair, even registered sex offenders. The group, North Carolinians for Rational Sex Offense Laws, or NCRSOL, says it's a waste of public safety resources to track sex offenders at the fair.

They believe offenders who have already completed their criminal sentences are being harassed by this law.

The group is asking the sheriff to reject the enforcement of the ban, but the Wake County Sheriffs office says they won't be doing that.

"Let me be very clear about that, the answer is an emphatic no. We're not going to answer their requests no matter what they want. We're gonna be enforcing the law. Its' the sheriffs position that this is one of the most vulnerable portions of our society-children. State legislature has spoken and we're gonna follow the letter of the law" said Rick Brown, the Chief legal advisor for the Wake County Sheriff

The Sheriff's office says those on the registry are aware of where they can and can't be. Once you're on the sex offender registry, you can be on there anywhere from 30 years to life.

The group has also filed lawsuits to change the law.

Their case is currently before a district judge.

They'll be in court again this month for a pre-trial conference