CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The full body camera video of the moments before and after Danquirs Franklin was shot and killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer has been released to the public.



Officer Wende Kerl's lawyer released a statement on Twitter regarding the investigation. 
The topic was center stage at CMPD’s weekly press briefing. It started with the body camera policies and procedures for CMPD, and then shifted toward rendering aid on the scene if a person is injured. The main concern right now is that of the two officers that responded to the Burger King the morning of March 25, only one camera, Officer Wende Kerl’s, captured the shooting.

Chief Kerr Putney said that’s obviously a concern and an internal investigation into that matter is ongoing. When it comes to rendering aid, all CMPD officers are CPR trained and certified. But in the case of Danquirs Franklin, CPR was not rendered because he was breathing and had a pulse after the shooting.

Chief Putney says the department as a whole needs to address all of these issues to improve so they can work to re-gain the trust of the community.

“Our job is to get better. What cannot be more disheartening is watching a video, and we see a lot of them, and it appears that…but for training, we could have rendered more aid. I can tell you the specific video of Mr. Franklin is a good example. Again, our job and our mission is preservation of life, and the only way to do that is to get better at our response,” he said.

CMPD also confirmed that they have finished their internal investigation and that the case is now in the hands of the district attorney.