CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There is more body camera video from the Danquirs Franklin shooting than what was actually released to the public.

When the body camera from Officer Wende Kerl was released Monday, many thought that was everything the city was going to make public. The 2:20 is what the judge ordered. We have learned city council members got to see the entire video, at least 11 minutes, before the shorter video was released.

“If you're watching it for the first time you're going to say it's heartbreaking and that's exactly what my reaction was,” council member Dimple Ajmera said. “For public trust and for transparency, the general public deserves to watch the same version we did while complying with the state order.”


There are questions about what happened afterward and how the Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers acted when Franklin went unconscious.



CMPD said in a statement this afternoon that there were two petitioners who requested the video. The first petitioner they say asked for "camera footage in the moments leading up to, during and immediately after the shooting."

The second petitioner, CMPD says, requested officer Kerl's body worn camera video of Franklin quote sometime after 9:04 a.m. of the shooting as well as any other officers body cam video.

CMPD says it fulfilled both requests and more. A judge has granted a motion by a member of the media to have the department come to court and explain why they didn't release the full body camera video. That will be on Tuesday.