SAN ANTONIO – A Sunday vigil for the El Paso mass shooting made for an opportunity for community members to call for change and participate in moments of remembrance.

  • 20 killed in El Paso mass shooting
  • San Antonio Vigil held Sunday evening
  • State to seek death penalty against El Paso shooter

Community members responded with messages of love and support at the Sunday vigil, many understanding how a shooting can impact a community.

The vigil was hosted by activists and local leaders at the San Fernando Cathedral at Main Plaza.

It started with a moment of silence to honor the victims before leaders began stepping up to the podium. 

One of the organizers, Michael Montano, said. "There isn't a lot of distance between us and the people in El Paso or the people in Gilroy or the people in Dayton, we are all in this together."

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar also spoke, saying he's already reached out to the sheriff in El Paso County offering services if needed.

"That help can come in the form of people to come process the scene, forensically. We have CSI if they need patrol officers to help them answer calls to service, if they need a psychologist,” said Salazar. “My media people to come manage the army of media that are converging on El Paso County as we speak, he's just got to let me know."

Salazar also touched on the gun debate, echoing conversations much of the country are currently having.

"Right now there's debates in Washington, there's debates in Austin, do we need more guns, do we need fewer guns, I don't know about that,” Salazar said, “What I do know is I care deeply about keeping this community safe."

If you would like to help El Paso, you can always donate blood at the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center.

"Everyone can go home energized tonight knowing that they are standing with other victims in this country and elsewhere with some ideas in mind for what they can do," said Montano.

Sheriff Salazar also added that businesses, organizations, or churches can host their own active shooter class. Anyone interested can call the sheriff’s office and work to set one up.