EL PASO, Texas —  As police investigate the shooting that killed 20 people at an El Paso shopping complex, the city is beginning to see an outpour of support from the community for all of the officers, deputies and agents who are working the scene.

  • Community members are helping each other
  • People are bringing food and coffee for law enforcement
  • Some El Paso residents in fear

The community is banding together — from a mother and daughter bringing coffee, to a group of truck drivers who brought food for law enforcement. Some community members have been thanking law enforcement for their work.

People who don’t know one another are working to bring comfort at a time where many are in mourning.

The suspect in the deadly shooting has turned himself in. Authorities have discovered an anti-immigrant manifesto online they say was written by the suspect.

On Sunday morning, some people in El Paso were worried the shooting would fuel racism and put more lives in danger.

We spoke with one man who says he fears for his family.

“It’s hard. It’s hard. Just God bless them. And that’s all I can say. I’m in shock too. I didn’t expect this. I have my brother here working. And I told my brother it’s crazy,” the man said.

He said the most painful part is still yet to come; when we begin learning the names and seeing the faces of those killed.

El Paso residents say all they can hope for now is healing.

The official Go Fund Me account to help victims of the shooting is http://pdnfoundation.org.