SAN ANTONIO -- People protested outside of the Public Safety Headquarters Friday evening, in response to an indictment decision of a San Antonio Police Department officer.

  • Incident stems from October 2018 shooting
  • 18-year-old Charles Roundtree Jr.
  • Police said it was an accident

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Protesters said the officer got away with murdering a beloved family member. The incident stems from a situation that happened last October.

Officer Steve Casanova was responding to an assault call and made contact with 18-year-old Charles Roundtree Jr. and another man.

Police said Casanova opened fire after another man in the house reached for a gun. Roundtree Jr. was fatally struck by accident by the officer.

On Thursday, a jury decided not to indict Casanova for the shooting.

The decision led a group of people to take to the footsteps of the Public Safety Headquarters Friday night to demand justice.

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Roundtree’s mother Patricia Slack says the fight is far from over.

“I mean it wasn’t right. We have a young man that’s in jail right now for a crime he didn’t commit. I mean, they’re holding him for my son’s murder when he was trying to save my son and we’re trying to get him out and get Steve Casanova off the force. I mean, it wasn’t right,” Slack said.

Protesters stood of the steps for nearly two-and-a-half hours.

They say they plan to keep holding up their signs every week until action is taken.