SAN ANTONIO – The cause of death for Baby King Jay Davila, who originally went missing in early January, was released on Thursday.

  • Father led police to body of baby on January 11
  • Claimed the baby fell, hit his head and father was too scared to call police
  • He was originally charged with injury to a child by omission as well was other weapon and drug charges

The Medical Examiner’s office has said the death was caused by blunt-force injuries, ruling it a homicide.

On January 11, the 8-month-old's father, Christopher Davila, led police to a dead end of Castle Lance where the baby was found wrapped in a blanket in a black backpack.

Davila originally stated during an interview that while the mother was at work, he was playing video games with the baby sitting in a car seat on a bed. He claimed the car seat became unbalance and fell forward. The baby hit the floor and his face may have struck the dresser on the way down.

He noticed a large bump over the baby's right eye and he panicked. He tried to keep him awake and was afraid to call 911. Davila checked on the baby a few hours after the fall and said he was dead. He proceeded to bury the baby in a field in the neighborhood.

According to police, Davila and other family members originally reported the child was kidnapped by a woman outside of a gas station. Following an extensive investigation, police said Davila and others fabricated that story in order to cover the cause of the child's death. 

In a presser, San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus explained Davila was charged with injury to a child by omission as well was other weapon and drug charges. 

No further information has become available.

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