SAN ANTONIO – King Jay Davila’s father, Christopher Davila, led police to a dead end of Castle Lance where the baby was found wrapped in a blanket in a black backpack on Friday morning.

  • Father told police he had buried the baby in his neighborhood
  • Davila's mother said in affidavit she was aware of injury to baby
  • Police drove Davila to dead end of Castle Lance

The father told police he had buried him in his neighborhood.

During a press conference on Thursday, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said they charged Christopher Davila, his mother, Beatrice Sampayo, and his cousin, Angie Torres with tampering with evidence. All three were in police custody and were questioned about the disappearance of King Jay Davila.

According to an affidavit, Christopher Davila’s mother had told Torres that baby had been severely injured by him.

Davila stated during an interview that while the mother was at work, he was playing video games with the baby sitting in a car seat on the bed. He claimed the car seat became unbalance and fell forward. The baby hit the floor and his face may have struck the dresser on the way down.

He noticed a large bump over the baby's right eye and he panicked. He tried to keep him awake and was afraid to call 911. Davila checked on the baby a few hours after the fall and said he was dead. 

In a presser on Friday morning, Chieif McManus explained Davila was charged with Injury to a Child by Omission.

"The hard part of the investigation is just beginning," McManus said.

Special Agent Chris Combs and District Attorney Joe Gonazales commended authorities on their work. 

Gonzales said Davila's bonds total over $1 million and he was also charged with various drug and weapon charges.

"It shocks the conscience to think someone can to this to an 8-month-old, let alone their won child," McManus added.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated a reference to an affidavit regarding what Christopher Davila's mother stated to whom in injuring the baby. We apologize for the error and have corrected it on all digital platforms. (January 12, 2019)