DALLAS — Frisco-area real estate broker Jennifer Leigh “Jenna” Ryan, who pleaded guilty for her involvement in the Jan 6. Capitol Riot, was released from federal prison on Thursday, Feb. 17.

Ryan served her 60-day sentence in completion and is no longer in custody. She described her day of release as the “Best. Birthday. Ever!!!” on Twitter.

Held at the Federal Prison Camp Bryan in Brazos County, a minimum security prison for women, Ryan entered her virtual guilty plea in 2021 before a Washington, D.C., judge after agreeing to cooperate with prosecutors.

According to court records, Ryan pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of knowingly parading, demonstrating and picketing inside the Capitol during a riot supporting Donald Trump’s presidency.

Court documents included many photos and videos tying Ryan to the scene of the insurrection. She recorded her journey from the Dallas area to Washington, D.C. where several Capitol riot-related posts were uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.