AUSTIN, Texas -- Many of us have been looking for ways to help our local restaurants and health care workers, and now there's a way to do both.

The group Frontline Foods has partnered with Chef José Andrés's nonprofit, The World Central Kitchen. 

They're raising money to buy meals from local restaurants and then delivering them - without contact - to staff on the front lines at our hospitals.

Hope Costanzo with Frontline Foods ATX says it's a win-win for medical professionals and restaurants.

"A lot of them have been doing deliveries for free, or doing discounts, things like that, even though they're the ones suffering through all of this. And then the hospital staff - we've heard from nurses, 'This is the most appreciated I've felt in 15 years. This is so incredibly helpful to not have to worry about packing my lunch or my dinner.’"

This initiative is going on in about 30 cities nationwide, and so far more than $1.5 million has been raised, translating to more than 50,000 meals. 

In Austin, the 512 Challenge is taking place through Sunday, April 19. The goal is to raise enough money for 5,000 meals in 12 days. 

If you want to donate, follow @FrontlineFoodsATX on Instagram. You can donate at the link in their bio, or head over to