SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Police have charged three people with tampering with evidence in the case of eight-month-old King Jay Davila.

  • Police arrest baby's father, grandmother, cousin
  • Charged all three with tampering with evidence
  • Police believe King Jay Davila is deceased

During a press conference, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said they charged Christopher Davila, his mother, Beatrice Sampayo, and his cousin, Angie Torres with tampering with evidence. All three are in police custody and are being questioned about the disappearance of King Jay Davila.

McMcanus said they have several statements from witnesses that lead police to believe that the three of them staged the kidnapping to cover up foul play. Police then went on to say they believe the baby is deceased.

Police said Sampayo was the one who dropped Torres off at the gas station the night of King Jay Davila's disapearance. Torres described to police the route she and Sampayo took to dispose of the car seat. Torres also added that Sampayo said that Christopher Davila “severely injured” King Jay.

Tampering with evidence is a third-degree felony.

McManus said new charges could arise, and other people could also be charged, as police continue to investigate.

“Your time is running out to come forward to talk to us about his whereabouts,” McManus said. “If you've already lied to us, then we’re going to charge you too.”

Police plan to search other locations for King Jay Davila.