AUSTIN, Texas - Attorney Roger Borgelt Wednesday evening confirmed that a judge has granted a temporary restraining order to his clients that will prevent or delay the renaming of Manchaca Road to Menchaca Road.

  • Judge issues temporary restraining order ahead of road renaming
  • Business owners sued to prevent the change
  • Austin City Council approved change to honor Jose Antonio Menchaca 

Those clients are business owners whose properties lie on Manchaca Road.

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The change was scheduled to begin Thursday. Both sides will return to court on November 29 at 2 p.m.

Property owners argued that they were not given sufficient time by the City of Austin to rename the street and that the renaming process has created and undue burden on them.

Austin City Council in October voted to rename the street in honor of Texas revolutionary Jose Antonio Menchaca. The soldier and politician was honored by having a street in Travis County named after him. However, his name was misspelled and the Austin road has been called Manchaca, critics argued.

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