Former Rochester City Court judge Leticia Astacio is again in trouble with the law.

She's accused by the Probation Department of violating her probation on three separate occasions this past summer.

Astacio is now a practicing attorney. She was removed from the bench last year after a 2016 DWI conviction.

This was followed by significant publicity for her alleged behavior and activities in the months that followed.

Documents filed in City Court state that Astacio violated the terms of her probation by failing to report on August 13 and 20.

It also says that Astacio failed to cooperate with the Ignition Interlock Program on June 11.

In addition, the documents charge that Astacio failed to abstain from using or possessing alcoholic beverages and other mood-altering drugs unless prescribed by a doctor on June 11. Astacio tested positive for alcohol at the probation offices.

The documents filed say she denied drinking, but did admit to consuming another substance — redacted in the court papers — that contains a small amount of alcohol.

When asked to comment, Astacio said she "will not confirm the charges, either that they exist or what they are."

Astacio will face a judge once again on this alleged violation of probation charged.

She’s scheduled to appear in court on Friday, with a judge from Geneva traveling to Rochester to preside.

In April, a jury found Astacio not guilty of violating her probation by attempting to purchase a firearm, which allowed her to keep her license for practicing law in New York State. Under the terms of her probation for that 2016 DWI conviction, she was prohibited from owning or purchasing a firearm, but a jury ruled it was unclear whether Astacio was close to obtaining a gun after watching surveillance footage of a conversation she had with a sales clerk.

Earlier this year, she launched an unsuccessful bid for Rochester City Council, coming in third place with 24 percent of the vote for the Northwest District seat.