On Wednesday, Brian Noyes recounted the events leading up to the arrest of two Louisiana fugitives in his Mount Hope pizzeria.

"This is where they were sitting," Noyes, owner of Pizza Mania, explained as he pointed to a booth in the dining area. "They came in, they sat down; I brought them their slices and their drinks."

Noyes says a short time later, police arrived and drew their weapons, and told the couple to get on the floor.

The fugitives have been identified as Kristan Broussard, 33, and Ursula Bourque, 30, both of whom were wanted in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Broussard is suspected in a murder in Iberia Parish, and Bourque was wanted on a parole violation.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, officials with New York State Police say they received tips; first that the couple was in Montgomery, and then that a car service had brought the couple from New York City to a home in Middletown.

Police say they searched the Middletown home early Wednesday morning, and confirmed the couple had been there, although they were not there at the time.

Later Wednesday, Mount Hope Police responded to a call of two suspicious people along Route 211 who were looking into car windows. Officers made contact with the couple, and began to investigate.

Police say they did not immediately arrest the couple, but stayed near as they made sure Broussard and Bourque were the same people on a flyer that one of the officers had seen earlier.

"In the meantime, the suspects walked into the restaurant," described Mount Hope Police Chief Paul Rickard. "The officers then went into the pizza restaurant and they arrested the individuals in there."

Police say they found a stolen, loaded Diamondback handgun in Broussard's pocket. They also say a few days earlier, Broussard and Bourque were in a police pursuit in New Jersey, during which they rammed a police cruiser.

They say the couple then fled to Pennsylvania, and eventually to Orange County.

"Kudos to the Mount Hope Police Department and the State Police," Noyes said. "Obviously, they're doing their homework. Just because we don't see it all the time, at least you could tell that they are doing their jobs and keeping us safe. Thank God."

Police say Broussard and Bourque would be processed in Orange County on fugitive-from-justice charges, and Broussard's additional weapons charge, before they are both sent back to Louisiana to face charges there.