Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared in Albany on Tuesday, touting improvements coming to Albany International Airport ⁠— including a new exit on the Northway.

The price of the Northway exit providing access to the airport, called the "Airport Connector," is expected to be $50 million, and also expected to be done by next spring.



It is a full redesign and reconstruction of Exit 4 to bring drivers exiting Interstate 87 to the airport by creating a flyover for northbound traffic. Southbound traffic will will see a new direct entrance ramp from Route 155.

Approximately 2.8 million people a year pass through the airport, and economic developers believe improved access will boost the region's economy.

The money to build the bridge is coming from Cuomo's $100 billion Infrastructure Renewal Plan.

About 40,000 vehicles per day use Exit 4, and an estimated 102,000 vehicles per day use the Northway in that area.

State officials say this project will reduce congestion on Albany Shaker Road, including its intersection with Wolf Road.