One jab after another, Troy native Jadah Robinson is a beast in the boxing ring.

At age 15, she's already a junior Olympian. But now, she's giving back to the community as a volunteer coach for the Next Bunch Boxing program, put on by the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area and the Troy Housing Authority.

"We've been helping people after school and running programs," Robinson said. "We've been keeping it limited because of COVID, but we've been doing everything that we can just to keep people off the streets, or give them something to do after school so they're not bored."

Robinson fell in love with the sport at an early age, but the goal of the program isn't to push the sport. She wants them to try it out and if they enjoy it, stick with it.

"It's not always about taking it seriously," Robinson said. "It's just something to do. Just for them to come in and be themselves and learn something new is very amazing."

For Robinson, she says there's no better feeling than giving back.

"I love teaching it. I love learning it as well. I love traveling the world, and I definitely want to open other people's eyes to see how amazing this sport is," she said.

While she enjoys teaching, she's always thinking about what's next for her and her career.

"In the next about five years, I think I can be a world champion," Robinson said.

For now, she'll focus on teaching the game and helping those in the Next Bunch Boxing Program.

The program is also accepting equipment, gloves in particular, and donations toward a new boxing ring.

For more information on this, as well as enrollment in the program, reach out to Tim Pratt at