Jesse MacWilliam is a proud sports anchor and reporter for Spectrum News 1. Since January of 2018, Jesse has been bringing his passion for sports to viewers across upstate New York. A SUNY Oswego graduate, Jesse began his career in the field as an audio producer at the school’s station. From there, Jesse traveled across the country to kick off his full-time reporting career in Missouri before finally heading back east to the Empire State. For Jesse, sports are a way to escape from the day to day stresses and are one of the best catalysts for bringing people together. More so, Jesse loves reporting out in the field and getting to interact with those in the community.

Throughout Jesse’s time reporting, one of his most memorable stories is his coverage of a Capital Region soccer player who shared his various struggles and story of perseverance with Jesse. The players strength and the way he utilized sports as a way to move forward is a perfect illustration of why Jesse loves what he does each day.

A CNY resident, Jesse describes the community as compassionate, caring, diverse, and hard-working. Plus, living in a place where you can always find a great slice of pizza never hurts. When Jesse isn’t following the latest game, you can find him spending time at home with his wife Jillian and their two pet rabbits.