New Cohoes Community Center owner Craig Roopchand has his work cut out for him.

He closed on the property a week and a half ago for $460,000, and knows it's going to take a lot of work. 

"See all the damages to the rust," said Roopchand, pointing to the pool. "There are a lot of damages that need to be repaired."

The center has been closed since October 2018. Roopchand says it'll continue to operate as a nonprofit under the name Gateway Sports Complex.

"I was looking for a facility to share my aquatics experience," Roopchand said. 

He founded Gateway Sports & Pool in 2003. Roopchand has opened several aquatics centers in New York City and Long Island. 

Now he's looking to bring those same programs to the Capital Region. 

"We're really going to encompass everything that is aquatics from lessons to open swim to water programs," said Ashley Tremblay, the building director for Gateway Sports Complex.

She says in addition, the facility will also have fitness and sports programs. There will be recreational and league competitions. That includes basketball, volleyball, tai chi, ping-pong, and swim teams. 

"We've been revamping the facility, redesigning everything, bringing everything up to a modern fitness facility feel," Tremblay said.

According to Roopchand, he will likely pour more than half a million dollars into fixing up the facility. He's continuing to seek grants to cover some of the costs. 

Roopchand says he knows how important this center was to Cohoes residents, and hopes this new facility will help fill that void. 

"I want to respect that bond, maintain that bond, and get the support from the community," Roopchand said.

Roopchand says the renovation will take about three months to complete. He's hoping to have the center open and operating this spring.