Born in Hong Kong but raised in Rotterdam, Jackson Wang has been a member of the Capital Region community since he was three years old. Jackson kicked off his now half-decade long stint with Spectrum News 1 following his graduation from the College of Saint Rose. Gaining experience as a news assistant behind the camera, Jackson’s passion for and love of reporting brought him to his current position as a Capital Region reporter, sharing stories in front of the camera to his community daily.

This three-time Associated Press Award winner has covered hundreds of meaningful stories he holds close to his heart. However, the few that stick out to him are his stories covering the several municipalities that struggled with contaminated water. For Jackson, these are the stories he always hopes to be able to shine a light on, in order to hold those responsible accountable, and, in turn, create real, positive change for those affected.

When Jackson isn’t reporting, you can find him dedicating time to his next greatest passion, health and fitness. Whether through informing his viewers about the latest news or informing those around him the best way to improve their health, Jackson is dedicated to motivating those in his life to reach their full potential.

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