A new attraction proposed for the Great Escape is creating some controversy in Queensbury. The new ride called Adirondack Outlaw was the focus of tonight’s Planning board meeting.

More than two hours of tonight’s meeting were specifically devoted to this proposal from the Great Escape. Planning board members pressed representatives from the Great Escape on this ride’s height, which is the main concern.

Many residents say the Adirondack Outlaw would be visible from Glen Lake, which they’re not happy about. They argue this ride shouldn’t be allowed in this part of the Great Escape.

A 2001 environmental impact statement established a 130 foot threshold height limit. This attraction is proposed to reach 165 feet, which would exceed that, but representatives for the great escape argue testing results show the ride is barely seen above the tree line, despite being beyond 130 feet.

They also say they want to put this ride in Ghost Town because it would breathe new life into that area. Now, they’re seeking approval from the planning board.

In the end, the planning board ruled there is new significant potential adverse environmental impact. They’re requesting more environmental impact statements.

Glen Lake residents says they don’t oppose the ride. They just want it moved to a different section of the park that allows it.