The news Albany County could stop selling flavored tobacco products ignited some feedback from residents and consumers.

"That's horrible. This is what keeps the stress level down," said a tobacco user.

Health experts argue the sale of nicotine products among teens is up, and they point to flavor-laced vape products as a major contributor.

"The progress we've made in reducing tobacco use among kids [is] unraveling because [of] all of these flavored products," said Julie Hart with the American Cancer Society.

The proposal would ban retailers from selling products like mint-flavored Juuls or cotton candy vape juice, but local smoke shops say that would squeeze out adult businesses, too.

"I cant explain to them the product they have been using for a year or more to help quit cigarettes is no longer available, because it's just been banned outright," said Exscape Smoke Shop manager Nicky Dreslinski.

Advocates of the ban say local law's intent is to curb use among minors, after a report from the Surgeon General showed E-cigarette sales have increased by 78 percent among high school-aged children.

"E-cigarettes and flavors in particular are leading kids down an addictive path," Hart said.

Others say the bill is just smoke and mirrors.

"I use vape to help me quit smoking, and if they take the flavors away, people are just going to start smoking cigarettes again," a vape consumer said.

"They are going to get the cigarettes from other counties or online," said Jim Calvin with the NY Association of Convenience Stores.

And the ban would also cover low-end flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes. 

"Menthol makes it easier for people to begin smoking and makes it harder to quit as well," Hart said.

The vote takes place on Monday at the Albany County Courthouse.