"American Idol" star Madison Vandenburg teamed up with "The Voice" finalist Moriah Formica to give Capital Region fans one memorable concert.

For Vandenburg and Formica the competition ended weeks ago, but local fans say their star power goes well beyond the stage. 

“I want to see both of them because I know they are very talented,” said a fan.

Many lined up at the Times Union Center on Friday, in anticipation of seeing Vandenburg shortly after she left the competition. 

"It’s exciting to be here, knowing she’s in Latham,” said another attendee.

Vandenburg’s high school bus driver, Bernie Babbie, was also at the event. He says her powerhouse vocals were well known even before hitting the stage.

“She would sing and stuff and a lot of people would sing with her,” Babbie said.

After Vandenburg’s rise to the top three finalist of "American Idol," local fans thought she was bound to bring home the glory.

“I was definitely really upset. I thought she was going to win but I can’t believe someone from my hometown even made it to the top three,” said fan, Sarah Donahue.

Donahue started a fan club for Vandenburg to deliver messages of positivity and encouragement. The fans present Friday night, certainly felt Vandenburg's appreciation during a meet and greet she held.

“Just to play for my hometown crowd is just like the best thing ever,” Vandenburg said. "The Capital Region and even [those in] the nation [have] been so supportive of me and my music and we’re ready to just ride and go where it takes us.”

Her debut new music, she says will released in June, is one she looks forward to playing around the area all summer long.