It’s been more than two months since 19-year-old Ellazar Williams was shot by an Albany police detective.

But the incident on August 20 continues to be a concern for some in the community. 

"We’re just hoping for accountability and clarification in this process,” said Paul Collins-Hackett, an organizer of a rally outside the Albany Police Headquarters Thursday night.

The group “Justice for Ellazar” is demanding that Detective James Olsen, the man who shot Williams, be suspended from active duty.

Police say Williams was shot in the back shoulder after re-arming himself with in a large knife.

Others claim surveillance video shows Williams running away from officers when he was struck.

“For community safety and community trust, we think it’s best that those detectives stay off the streets until this is complete,” said Jacqui C. Williams, of Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration.

The group is also calling for the attorney general to be named the independent prosecutor for this case.

It comes days after the Center for Law and Justice sent a letter to the Albany County District Attorney's Office, calling on David Soares to recuse himself.

Some believe Detective Olsen worked too closely with the District Attorney's Office.

“There’s a conflict and we don’t even want the D.A. to be in a conflict," Collins-Hackett said. "We want this to go as smoothly as possible with everyone as objective as possible.”

The District Attorney's Office has acknowledged receiving the letter and are reviewing the matter. They say they do not comment on ongoing investigations.

Albany Police say their investigation is complete and had no further comments with the case now in the hands of the District Attorney's Office. 

Williams is facing menacing a police officer and possession of a weapon charges from that shooting.