ALBANY, N.Y. — A press conference with Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Acting Police Chief Robert Sears, held Tuesday, focused on crime in the city. 

It comes after a number of shootings and a deadly stabbing in just the past several weeks.

The APD says there have been 21 shootings this year so far and five homicides. Three of the homicides happened this month. 

Now the police are working to get more officers in areas where crime is the highest. 

"We're going to deploy them in different ways, sometimes we're going to have bikes out, sometimes we're going to have foot patrols, sometimes we're going to have horses out. We're going to mix it up. You can expect to see more officers out," said Sears.

Another push at the press conference: For city residents to call the city's anoymous tip line if they know anything about a crime in the city. That number is 1-833-ALB-TIPS.