Black Dimensions in Art organized and gathered creatives of the African diaspora to recreate the iconic 1958 photo "A Great Day in Harlem." The group has been celebrating and supporting black artists for nearly 50 years and organized the recreated photo at the Stephen and Harriet Myers residence in Arbor Hill.

The original photograph was captured by Art Kane in Harlem, showcasing jazz musicians. Since then, the photo has been reenacted many times and now by Black creatives of the Capital Region.

"Today brings me joy,” multidisciplinary artist D.Colin said. “This photo, this photo, seeing Black people celebrating together, that gives me great joy. It brings me joy when people come up to me and say, "You know, I feel seen in this poem you shared, or in this painting. It makes me feel seen.

It was the intention of the Black Dimensions in Art organization to give those who are rarely heard or seen a chance to be heard and honored so that they would be represented and celebrated.

During the mid-1850s, the Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence served as a headquarters for Underground Railroad activity in the Capital Region. The site is now an Underground Education Center offering tours and artifacts on display. For more information, visit