RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina Department of Transportation said Thursday it has already collected more than 5 million pounds of litter this year from roadsides.

Since January 1, the state says 5.3 million pounds of litter has been collected across N.C.

Officials say 1.4 million pounds was collected as part of a new Spring Litter Sweep, which was held April 10-24. The total broke the previous Spring Litter Sweep record set back in 2019 when more than 939,000 pounds of litter was collected statewide.

“The people of North Carolina have come together like never before to keep our state clean,” said state Transportation Secretary Eric Boyette. “I thank each and every volunteer that helped us reach this extraordinary goal. We had a great effort during the Spring Litter Sweep, and I hope to see even more out there for the Fall Litter Sweep.”

A Fall Litter Sweep is scheduled for September 11-25.

To help maintain the state’s roadsides, the NCDOT makes use of state-owned forces, contract services, and volunteer programs, including the Sponsor-A-Highway Program​ and Adopt-A-Highway Program.

Officials encourage residents and travelers to do their part by: 

  • Securing their loads before driving. Unsecured trash can fly from a vehicle and end up as roadside litter.
  • Holding onto trash until it can be disposed of properly. Keep a litter bag in your vehicle so you can properly dispose of trash later.
  • Recycling when possible. Recycling prote​cts the environment, saves landfill space and keeps the community clean.



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