A University of Maryland graduate, hailing from South Bend, Indiana, Evan Sery is honored to continue his career in the state of New York, and especially upstate New York, where nature, city-life, and countless interesting destinations all intersect in a beautiful region of the country.

Since November, 2017, Evan has been covering various stories across the Capital Region as a dedicated and passionate reporter. Each day, Evan is inspired to be the best storyteller he can be, while informing the viewers that rely on him with what they need to know for their day ahead.

When Evan isn’t in the newsroom, you can find him with his boots on the ground covering the latest breaking news. In his spare time, Evan relaxes at his home in Schenectady, either with a video game, watching standup comedy, or trying to explain to friends and family from his hometown that just because he lives in New York, it doesn’t mean he lives in New York City.

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