CHARLOTTE, N.C. — UNC Charlotte is getting a historic gift with the hopes of bolstering literacy needs. They were recently awarded a grant of up to $23 million that will be given over a span of five years.

What You Need To Know

  • UNC Charlotte received a historic gift to boost literacy through a $23 million grant

  •  The grant will be given over a span of five years

  •  An alumna explains what this means for current and future students

  • The Mebane Foundation awarded this grant to the College of Education

Hannah Yeley graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2018. Now as an alumna, she says she proudly keeps up with the university. 

“I love that it’s getting the recognition it deserves. I love that its getting the help it deserves, and I’m excited to really see how far this grant really takes the school in the future," Yeley said.

The Mebane Foundation awarded the UNC Charlotte College of Education a five-year grant of up to $23 million to support literacy education in K-5 education.

"Teachers specifically in North Carolina really don’t make nearly as much as they should, so with this money I’m really excited to see the future of teachers. These teachers can really get the financial support that they deserve," Yeley said.

North Carolina's literacy rate is 78.7%, and it ranks 35th in the U.S., according to reports by

It's an area that still suffers post pandemic.

"Along with the fact that the school is getting bigger, it mirrors how Charlotte is growing too, which is really cool," Yeley said.

While the funds weren’t granted when she was a student, Yeley tells us she’s excited to see it come to fruition.

She has one message for current students: "For those that are still in school, cherish that time, it’s gonna fly by and you’re gonna miss it," Yeley said.