Attorney General Josh Stein released his proposed public safety package on how he plans to improve public safety in North Carolina Monday.

Stein's proposal includes strategies for fighting against fraud, drugs, recruiting and retaining law enforcements, gun safety measures, sexual assault kits and overall general safety.

“Protecting the people of this state has to be job one,” Stein said. “I’m fighting to keep people safe from violent crime, drugs, and fraud, and I’ll always do everything in my power to hold criminals accountable.”

Stein was accompanied by Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue, Rep. Carolyn Logan, Rep. Joe John, Rep. Marcia Mory, Sen. Jay Chaudhuri, Sen. Lisa Grafstein and other leaders who collaborated on ideas to make the state safer, according to a press release from the attorney general's office. 

“One of our fundamental duties to North Carolinians is to ensure they are safe,” House Minority Leader Robert Reives said. “Our caucus has offered a number of bills that would do just that: Red Flag Laws that keep guns out of the hands of people who would harm themselves or others, raising the age to buy certain weapons to 21 and promoting school safety with more resources in classrooms. These are popular policies that deserve to become law. We will keep working to promote these ideas that are supported by a majority of North Carolinians.”

Stein announced plans to address law enforcement officer shortages in North Carolina and opened a new space at the State Crime Lab in April to help fight against fentanyl, according to the release.