CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New affordable housing will be coming to the City of Charlotte, but it may take some time.

Monday night, Charlotte City Council approved more than 600 affordable housing units.


What You Need To Know

  • More than 600 affordable housing units are coming to Charlotte
  • The project will span seven new communities
  • Freedom Fighting Missionaries founder Kenneth Robinson says it's a good start, but not enough
  • Robinson says people need options now as rent prices continue to soar


The project will span seven new communities.

Those at Freedom Fighting Missionaries say this plan is a great start, but the affordable housing issue is much bigger than this in Charlotte.

“We just need everyone to work together to provide affordable housing options,” FFM founder Kenneth Robinson said. “And we’re doing that. The 620 something houses, we would have liked it to be 6,000, but we’ll take the 600 and we’ll keep pushing forward.”

Robinson says in just the last three weeks, Freedom Fighting Missionaries was awarded $750,000 through American Rescue Plan Funding to help them continue to support those searching for affordable housing.

That money will help the organization provide financial classes for clients, as well as providing rental assistance.

But Robinson hopes they can continue to do more to help people bridge the gap through donations to their organization.