PINNACLE, NC — A part of Pilot Mountain is once again available to the public after being closed for two weeks because of a wildfire that was started by a campfire in an undesignated area.

What You Need To Know

  • The Yadkin River section of the park has reopened to the public

  • The mountain section of the park is still closed

  • The Pinnacle side of the park remains closed

The Yadkin River section of the park reopened to the public on Saturday.

The Grindstone Fire at Pilot Mountain burned over 1,000 acres, leaving many people who use Pilot Mountain State Park for recreation to put their activities on pause.

Betsy Pike and Terrie Scott, who hike at the park once a week, say they haven’t been back to the trails since the fire closed the area. But they’re happy to return to the Corridor Trail to get back to the scenery and wildlife.

“It’s my heart and soul. I mean I love hiking, and hiking is my relaxation and just clears my mind. Actually, that’s how we meet each other, through a hiking club, and it just brings so much peace and happieness to my life,” Scott said.

“It’s part of home. It’s close and I’ve known about this place since I was a teenager, and it’s just part of me and the people I love,” Pike said.

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The mountain section of the park, including the main entrance at Pilot Knob Park Road, Pilot Creek Access and Pinnacle Hotel Road/Culler Road, remain closed.

Entering the mountain section of the park while closed is trespassing.