CHARLOTTE, N.C. — UNC Charlotte is leading vaccination efforts for its students.

UNCC offered an on-campus clinic Wednesday, where students and staff could get vaccinated for free with the Pfizer vaccine. 

As of August 25, the university reports 78% of its residential students are vaccinated, 70% of its total student population is vaccinated and 84% of its current staff population is vaccinated.

With the recent FDA authorization of the Pfizer vaccine, one student who got her second dose on campus says it made her feel better about her decision.

"'Cause I was kind of holding out for it, I'm not going to lie," freshman Lexi Ricketts said. "I was like, 'hmm, that's why I didn't get it at first 'cause I was like halfway.' They were like emergency approval, but now that it's fully approved, I'm happy."

Classes returned to mostly in-person formats this fall with masks still required in all buildings.