CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Like all travel industries, Amtrak has had to make changes during COVID-19.

However, train service is still on track to increase in North Carolina, according to the N.C. Department of Transportation.

There are a number of projects in development, including:

  • A new route between Richmond and Raleigh, which NCDOT says is a major focus and could be not far off.
  • Service Between Charlotte and Atlanta, which is being led by Georgia DOT.
  • Adding service to the coast in Wilmington and to Asheville, places where passenger trains don't exist.

"We see it as an important and essential role for our growing state and as we see people move here, and additional businesses come here, a healthy rail system is incredibly important," says NCDOT Rail Division Director Jason Orthner.

The Amtrak station in Charlotte will also be getting a new home when the gateway station opens in uptown Charlotte.