CHARLOTTE, N.C. – 2020 may go down as a year most people plan to forget, but Lisa Lucky can't do that. This year will never leave her mind.

Her aunt and her mom passed away from sickness. And her son, 27-year-old Ray Bernard McLean III, was murdered.

“It was senseless,” Lucky says. “It was senseless.”

Police say early in the morning of June 12, McLean was shot.

Lucky says he was coming back from a club, where he was supporting a friend when he we was gunned down.

“His father called me...and he told me Ray's been shot, and I'm like 'What do you mean he's been shot?' I said 'Is he going to be OK?' He said 'No. He was shot in the head,' ” Lucky says.

The father of two, who was a school bus driver and had plans to expand his lawn care business, later died.

“A good child that didn't deserve to be murdered,” Lucky says.

One hundred families are now without loved ones as Charlotte marked its 100th homicide Wednesday.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says there's no one reason but some shootings in general are the result of what's happening on social media.

“Somebody feels disrespected...and they shoot someone,” Lt. Andy Royston says. “You're going to have differences in the world and with people and if you can't figure out other options than violence to solve it, I think we're on a very slippery slope going down quick.”

CMPD says it's done everything it can to combat the crime.

But recently, it increased the amount of award money through Crime Stoppers.

It also says it needs witnesses to speak to police and for it to be a community effort.

Lucky is frankly stumped.

“Praying isn't doing anything. Talking to these young guys, nothing is helping...maybe...they'll see my story and say put the guns down. The violence has to stop,” Lucky says.

McLean is another life with all too much energy cut short. He leaves two daughters without a dad.

No arrests have been made in McLean's death.

If you know anything about his case or any of the homicides from this year, please contact Crime Stoppers, where you can report information anonymously, at 704-334-1600.