CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When you drive through Uptown Charlotte you'll find an unusual sight. Cameras that are usually pointed up at towering skyscrapers are pointed down at the road.

Along a section of North Tryon Street there is a Black Lives Matter mural.

The city of Charlotte organized the project, which was painted by around 15 local artists.

Jamil Dyair Steele's work can be seen in the letter “M.” He worked alongside artist Georgie Nakim, who was commissioned by the city.

It wasn't Steele's only contribution.

Near the mural he also painted his own Black Lives Matter mural alongside a restaurant.

Steele is an art teacher at Shamrock Gardens Elementary School in Charlotte.

His work is a familiar sight in the area from Shamrock Drive to the historic West End to West Charlotte High School.

Steele says art has the power to unite people.

“It reminds us of who we are as people... we all breathe and live the same way and art is a visual reminder of that,” Steele says.

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